The Latest Innovation in R.C. Helicopter Design.

Each and every detail considered to reduce vibration.

Recently we have been testing with what I consider to be the maximum power system setup. Just to know if everything can support the power that we anticipate some pilots will use. The ESC is 120A the motor is a 530KV A50 LE(Max power 6500W.) The performance is just fantastic the headspeed stays very strong and consistent even through very aggressive manouvres. But despite the very high power the Dune doesn't feel overpowered or difficult to fly. The sound is nice and soft and not angry. You can set the headspeed lower and have great flight time of about 6 minutes with 12S 3300mah great for sport pilots. For 3D pilots if you want extreme performance just turn the headspeed up and it just gets quicker and quicker. Flight time with high headspeeds around 2400rpm have been around 5 minutes. If using motors above 500KV I recommend using governing. the Dune is geared for headroom which allows a governed setup to work very well at maintaining consistent headspeed under load and as the battery is used. I would limit your headspeeds to a reasonable 2400rpm. There is no need to use higher because the headspeed remains so strong when using pitch. This is what really produces the performance for a helicopter.

So in summary only one change was made to the maingear which has been upgraded slightly for production from the prototype helical maingear. This was to ensure durability despite having done many flights now on the previous smaller gear. The Dune can support extreme 3D and beginner to intermediate flying with great efficiency and great flight times it is very quiet also. It is definitely the fastest and most agile 600 size electric I have flown and is easy to see in the air. The instruction manual will be similar to previous Kasama manuals but with even more information. I hope pilots around the world enjoy it as much as I have testing it over the last 12 months.

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