In 2008, we had spent full 60 days consecutively in developing and piloting the 1st prototype RC Helicopter to participate in 3D Masters competition event in England. At the event, this prototype was an eye-opening model helicopter which well attracted by many RC hobby lovers and visitorsthat event also gave great exposure to benchmark our prototype with other top-of-the-line RC Helicopters.

Acquiring those positive experiences were the last two missing pieces of the jigsaw which then transformed our passion to be inspiration in making another step change of this ingenuitywhich is PRODUCTION.

After came back to Thailand for about 60 days, Kasama incorporation with Ultimate Heli UAE by Mr. Omar Al Falasi have jointly made decision to proceed for the production. Our 1st Product is officially named SRIMOK 90N which was launched out to the market in late 2009. Soon afterthe 2nd Product was developed to accommodate the leading edge technology in 700 Class Electric Helicopter, which is SRIMOK FAIFA90 and then the 3rd Product is SRIMOK 90N ECO.

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