The Next Srimok FAIFA

The current weather in Thailand is very hot, it is not only

the weather but politics too.

Thai summer is coming and sometime can reach up to 40C.
R&D in hot weather would be a big
benefit to us to come up with highest quality
in both electric and nitro helicopters.
We are trying to get the best performance
out of your equipments including
engine, esc,motor, servos,
and batteries from our design.

In hot weather around 32-38C
all electronics including esc, motor, servos,
and batteries would work harder and
almost get to the point that esc will cut out.

R&D for improvement on the helicopter in hot weather,
our flight time is about the same as other
helicopters flown in cold weather.
So in the cold weather
our helicopter will give you longer flight time
than other helicopters.
Those are one of the reasons
that made our helicopter can do
longer flight time,
less energy use, lower temperature on equipments.